Yoga Class or Therapy Difference

Yoga Class ?

A Yoga class is designed to teach you Yoga.

I believe we are all animals ( sorry, but that is a result of my anthropology training and this belief seems to have stuck )   My goal is to use  Viniyoga to help my peers ( the young or young at heart, middle age and  seniors ) age with grace, mobility and health into their ancient years. Yes,  I believe that yoga can do that,  it has proven itself to me, in my own life.  So…… back to the animals , how many of us are caged, in either, our work cubicles , our cars or our homes, as a necessity of making a living.  I use the ancient teachings  from yoga to combat that and free both the body and spirit.  So come to a class,  let that primitive being inside you, move and stretch and de-stress.  You will feel both rejuvenated and revitalized.


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is designed to show you specific parts of Yoga to effect positive change in your health/wellbeing.

The International Alliance of Yoga Therapy  ( IAYT) an organization I belong to,  has defined yoga therapy as “The process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga”.

How it works!

Yoga Therapy is for the person who wants to take the control of their health into their own hands.   Through my own experience I know these ancient ways work, but only if you do the work.

If you decide to increase your well being with Yoga Therapy send me an email (}  or give me a call ( 905-396-2387).

A 3 Session process ( more if wanted )

I will come to you.  You will receive individualized and personal  training in your own home.  I will create a truly one of a kind yoga sequence designed to help you in all ways,  physically, emotionally and  mentally.    The process will be painless and will consist of an initial visit to get to know each other and define the issues,  a second visit to teach you your personalized sequence ( including a written copy of your sequence so you cannot forget )  and then a third visit to ensure you are happy with your sequence and that it is providing the effects you wanted.  At this visit I will make sure that you fully understand the movements so you get the most from your effort. I will tweak your sequence  to make changes based on your experience working with the poses so it truly becomes  the YOGA for YOU!

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