Hypnosis and NLP

Isla ViscountNew_VGB_Band

CONTACT:   ISLA VISCOUNT  905 396 2387


Hi , my name is Isla Viscount and I am a certified Consulting Hypnotist , with the  additional training of two Hypnosis Mastery courses, Past Life exploration , Life between Lives and Virtual Gastric Band certification  for weight loss.

Hypnosis is natural.   You are in a hypnotic state  many times during your  normal day; on those drives where you don’t remember going from A to B, when engrossed in a truly great book and , even just as you drift off to sleep.

NLP  ( Neuro -Linguistic Programming )  sometimes described as the “Psychology of Success” works hand in hand with hypnosis to allow us to use our minds to Change ( our minds) . They combine to help us think better, more positively and more productively.  By removing limiting beliefs and emotions  , Hypnosis and NLP  frees us  to reach our full potential.

Hypnosis  and NLP  are  effective practices to help counteract:

Stress ( and honestly who does not need that ?) ,



Procrastination/Lack of Motivation


  They also  can be used to foster:


weight reduction , ( don’t ever try to lose weight, your subconscious concentrates on finding things we lose!)

smoking cessation ,

adherence to a fitness  or wellness program,

improve the relationship with those you love,

as well as  to  enhance memory  and concentration.

The fact is we all are striving to change and better ourselves and hypnosis  and NLP are a safe, fast and practical way of doing it.  After  working in this field I have seen quick and lasting change, occur naturally in my clients lives.

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