About Isla Viscount

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Vini Yoga Teacher and Therapist
Isla Viscount has an Honours B.A. in Medical Anthropology from the University of Toronto. This original education provided Isla with a very diverse understanding of modern and ancient healthcare practices. She continued pursuing her passion for wellness by completing more than 1500 hours of Yoga training including the completion of two Yoga Instructor Courses (RYT 500 – Yoga Alliance and a two year  500 hr Viniyoga Teacher certification) as well as achieving certification as a Viniyoga Therapist (CYT) , through the American Viniyoga Institute in California.

Isla found Yoga in her late teens. The stress reducing properties were invaluable during her university years. Too much coffee, late nights and endless essays had frayed her nerves. Yoga brought peace back. However, it was 20 years later when she developed an inner ear condition, which temporarily robbed her of her balance, that she truly understood the healing properties of this ancient practice.  Her goal is to share what she has learned, in her unique and informative classes,  enabling others to find the emotional and physical benefits Yoga practice can bestow.

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Consulting Hypnotist

Driven by a strong wish to help others, Isla has complimented her Yoga training with a Consulting Hypnotist Certification, Two  Hypnosis Mastery Courses, Past Life,  and Life between Lives  through The Hypno Healing Institute in Toronto. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists .  Isla is  certified in the Virtual Gastric Band  weight reduction program trained by Sheila Granger from England.    She is also an Advanced Practitioner in the ThetaHealer  Technique , and NLP practitioner. Hypnosis, NLP  and Meditation  was a natural progression in Isla’s training.  , a way of working with the subconscious mind to widen the  range of  tools that she could use to  help people  improve their lives.  Hypnosis helps us learn to think better, to use our powerful minds to make dramatic changes to our behaviours, and attitudes.  Hypnosis  has changed  Isla’s own life and she has seen dramatic change in others. That experience fuelled her need to learn more and consequently Hypnosis  and NLP  has grown to  become  a large part of  Isla’s positive change,  wellness business.

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